Beer and Buns, Spitalfields

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Beer and Buns, Spitalfields
I'm just looking for something casual

The Vibe

This noisy bar with its fun quirks is definitely a place where you can find a corner and get a bit drunk and silly on a first date.

So first thing’s first, don’t get lost on the way to your date and go to the Japanese restaurant beneath it because it’s easily done. Take a right at the K10 restaurant door and head on upstairs. You’ll be led up a dark set of stairs with various pieces of sound advice doodled on the walls. This reveals at the top an equally dark bar filled with indie music, sake bombs and bar staff encouraging you to write on the walls. It’s something a bit different and a very relaxed atmosphere.

The clientele is young and fun so a quiet, romantic dinner for two this is not.

The Order

They were spot on when they chose the name of this bar.The craft beer and steamed ‘Hirata’ buns are the order of the day, with a side order of sweet potato fries and spicy mayo. If you’re looking to bring your A-game and wow your date with your charm and sophistication, then the slightly messy jumbo chicken wings may not be what you’re looking for. However, if you feel your blossoming relationship can take it, order away as they are a treat.

The selection of craft beers is lovingly chosen – if you’d like some back stories behind the selection then John behind the bar is more than happy to oblige. The frozen margaritas and strawberry daiquiris make a nice change from the usual order and cool down your palate if you’ve gone for the basket of spicy popcorn to share.

The Game

So, let’s talk date logistics. Arrange to meet outside the K10 Japanese restaurant and head upstairs together. This eliminates the possibility of your date getting lost, and also if it’s a blind date, you may need some extra light to recognise them from their picture.

When you’ve made it to the bar, head for a table in the far corner so you have a little dark spot to yourselves. You have to order at the bar so negotiate that between the two of you. Once the evening is well underway, if you feel like things are heating up, undertake a sake bomb challenge on one of the barrels. Things will probably escalate from here. Don’t forget at the end of the date to emblazon you and your date’s names onto the walls of the bar, a real sign of true love.

The Faults

Sometimes the music is a bit loud and your sweet nothings can get lost in the lyrics, but that just gives you an excuse to get a little closer now doesn’t it?

Sex Factor

2. Initially this venue may seem pretty casual but the vibes and yummy alcohol lay the groundwork for things to heat up later in the night.

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