Below and Hidden, Farringdon

  • DATE #426
  • Written by Linda Cooke (Guest Author)
  • 3 years ago
Make hay while the sun shines

The Vibe

Your 1990’s best friend’s parents have given her the garage to use a den, which she decorates herself. She does so on ACID.  There are ashram-esque wall hangings draped on the walls, a small but perfectly formed corner bar area, just enough room for the DJ to set up a modest station and deep buckets filled with ice on each table.  The super fun lighting will make you grin from ear to ear.  Below and Hidden is the perfect little place to know about for after hours canoodling, boogieing and boozing in London.

The Order

Jim Wrigley’s in charge of the drinks and the cocktails here are artfully conceived, lovingly made and best of all – lethal.  The Banktown Special – Venezuelan light rum, fresh lime, raspberry liqueur, honey and cranberry juice – comes highly recommended!  The white rum makes all the difference.  Also noteworthy The Still Life consisting of Polish vodka, aperitif wine, peach liqueur, fresh lemon, apple and pineapple juice.  Fresh and very drinkable.  My date’s favourite cocktail of the evening – a manly one – was the Diamond Daze (100% Agave tequila, Italian and French vermouth, fortified Peruvian wine, and house bitters).  It blew his mind. Snacks from the bar are served until late.

The Game

So, you arranged a quick drink on a Thursday night after work because you just didn’t want to count your chickens with this one.  Whaddya know?  You’re getting on like a house on fire: dinner at Blackfoot went marvelously because he/she is a devoted carnivore, so you’ve kicked things up a gear and taken your date for an elegant nightcap at B and H Buildings; signs are 100% vital.  But, things have gone from flirty to 60 and you’re all out of ideas: so, why not take it downstairs and make hay while the sun shines we say.  Order a bottle of pre-made Diamond Daze, get it on ice, continue your merry flirtation and make sure you finish off with some dancing – just pretend you don’t have an 830 am meeting.

The Faults

It’s not a huge space but this is actually it’s very charm.

Sex Factor

Solid 3 which could easily rise to 4.

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