Blackfoot, Exmouth Market, Farringdon

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  • Written by Linda Cooke (Guest Author)
  • 4 years ago
Two little piggies went to market

The Vibe

Exmouth Market is a foodie date destination and a half.  Caravan, Moro, The Quality Chop House and Medcalf all occupy units here.  The brainchild of Tom Ward (founder of Leon) and Chef Allegra McEvedy, Blackfoot joined the party last year and has proved itself as yet another capable host.  A former pie and mash shop, the original décor has been retained whilst the wooden booths and wall tiling really add to the eccentric charm.  It’s a cosy diner vibe with a killer menu and comes highly recommended for a casual date with someone who has humour and appetite.

The Order

This is pure unadulterated fun, perfect for those among you for whom eating is a seduction in itself.  Ordering a portion of chilli crackling, eagerly attacking your sticky, aromatic ribs (braised with lemongrass, ginger and lime) or unashamedly mopping up the remainder of your pork and clam soup with your toasted ciabatta is exactly the protocol here.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself.  It’s actively encouraged.  Start with the Lomo (air cured loin from pigs fed on goat’s whey in Dorset) or the Trevelez Jamon (aged for 24 months in Spain).  Fill thy boots pig fans.

The wine list is excellent and varied, the drinks are robust with some tasty British ciders on the roster (apple and piggy being such best friends) and every taste is catered for; you can have fizz, a spritzer or a long drink.

The Game

Having recently visited the newly opened Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings just around the corner on Northampton Road, I would suggest meeting there and having a couple of cheeky pre-dinner cocktails.  A short walk around the corner and along the atmospheric market, you’ll soon be greeted by the glowing neon sign declaring PORK.  Bundle inside and nestle into your booth for the evening.  Let the drinks flow and order whatever you fancy from the menu, giving absolutely eff all thought to what is more ladylike or gentlemanly to eat.  If you make the cardinal mistake of turning up wearing white, ask for a bib and roll your sleeves up.  Enjoy.  Depending on how you feel after your meal, you could always hop across the market to have a few final jars at the excellent Café Kick or the Exmouth Arms before stumbling home suitably satisfied and relaxed.

The Faults

Service can be a bit intermittent but on the whole the staff are keen to make recommendations and bring you pig in all its wonderful forms.  It will be easy to eat too much so just bear that in mind when deciding what the postprandial plan is.

Sex Factor – 3.  A down to earth treat.

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