Boopshi’s, Fitzrovia

I wanna grow old and chubby with ya, Marty

The Vibe

Schnitzels are rarely synonymous with sex but Boopshi’s – an Austrian restaurant in Fitzrovia – makes a good case for flirting over breaded meat n’ carby fare.  The dashing twentysomething owners Ben and Ed Robson, their good looking regulars and a media crowd spilling over from local agencies lend this place its cool credentials. That and Boopshi’s’ other, and vital, offering – SPRITZES. The combo of an oversized and creative prosecco cocktail, followed by hearty plates to correct the damage, makes for a perfect midweek date – you want to have fun, but still feel alive for that meeting tomorrow.

Interiors wise, it’s sparse wooden furnishings, two couples to a shared table and a communal vibe that quickly chills you out. In summer, Aperol nuts spill onto the streets and leave the indoor diners to it. In winter, the dark basement bar – snug booths, flattering lights – is where the bad stuff happens.

The Order

Simple and to the point. Start with one of their six prosecco spritzes – the one with grapefruit vodka, grapefruit soda and sherbet is a treat. Then move on to a classic chicken schnitzel with capers and dreamy frites. Heck, add a duck egg on top and a side of ‘Spatzel and Cheese’ (a heavier dumpling-like mac n cheese) to seal the deal. Share Oma’s Apple Strudel and lollop out of the place satiated and only a little bit drunk.

The Game

This is the place to take a friend you’re playing the long game with or someone you’ve dated thrice and are really quite fond of now. The spritz plus schnitzel vibe is good for a Wednesday – celebratory fizz to get over hump day matched with cautionary carb-loading.

Meet straight after work and, weather permitting, have your first spritz outside. Lean casually against the wall and ask intense questions – revel in the fact you’re now both comfortable with each other. When you move inside for the food, make sure you order a different schnitzel each and sample each other’s. Take merely a couple of bites of dessert, then check out the bar below, bookmark it for the next date (presumptuous!) and hit the streets for a nightcap at Charlotte Street Hotel.

The Faults

Practically poifect.

Sex Factor

2. Not naughty, just vibin’.

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