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Bounce, baby

The Vibe

Bounce is a sports club, restaurant and bar located in the heart of Holborn. Its vibe is not dissimilar to that of a student union, with accountants and glossy tiles replacing smoking teens and DJ Yoda posters. There is a long, prohibition style bar running alongside rows of sports tables, and a mezzanine level restaurant at the back. Every night the bar heaves with colleagues and friends celebrating birthdays by downing shots of tequila, and yelling excitedly at each other across the crowded floor.

The Order

Pizza is a must have. Choose from large whole ones (from £8.50) or more modest strips (£4). The idea here is to eat as much as you can to negate the effects of alcohol consumption, but also stockpile on energy-giving carbs. If the idea of carbs slathered with sleazy, greasy condiments and cheese makes you nervous, rest assured there are healthier options available like salad (from £8.50). Novelty cocktails are a must, the best of which are Wiff Waff, Winning Smash or Match Point Margarita (all from £8). Perhaps avoid ordering the Ping Pong Show, a reference to table tennis’s depraved Asian cousin.

The Game

You are likely to spend a lot of time bending over to retrieve lost balls, so wear good boxers and a belt. Make sure your date knows what’s in store, as if she turns up wearing heels she’ll feel like a prat. Bounce is home to the Ping Pong table used at the Olympics, so book this in advance for around 10pm following a 9pm restaurant reservation. It’s frighteningly easy to flirt whilst playing table tennis, possibly because it’s not strenuous and provides ample opportunities for teasing. Holborn is not renowned for its nightlife but on the plus side is always crawling with cabs. Try to get one home together.

The Faults

This place attracts hot people in their 20s and 30s who stand around the bar watching games being played. If you don’t like the idea of being observed for an hour then this isn’t the place for you. Similarly if you like high maintenance women and decadent environments then avoid Bounce like the plague.

Sex Factor

2. Opportunity for flirting, but not much else. Bounce is for wholesome, active types who like their dates to be like their mates.

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