Brew, Putney

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  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
  • 4 years ago
Have you got time for a Brew?

The Vibe

Brew is South West London at its finest.  A vast canopied outdoor area with seating and a selection of double beds casually draped with Arran rugs and thick woollen blankets. A pizza oven, an upcoming butchery, oars hanging on the walls, cheerful Australian staff – basically it’s the epitome of wholesome leafy London. However, it’s also surprisingly sexy. You can order breakfast and brunch dishes all day long; whatever your reasoning for not making it here until 4pm, we wholeheartedly approve.

The Order

Whilst dinner is excellently done here, date-wise this is a great daytime spot. Give the toddlers and their mothers time to clear out and arrive here mid-afternoon. Go for the brunch menu; sweet corn fritters are divine, as are the pancakes or opt for a full selection of eggs, bacon and juices. The ‘Breakfast Time Martini’  and the ‘Elegantly Wasted’ both speak for themselves, and there’s also a strong wine list with bottles of bubbly if you want to really amp up the outdoor bed experience.

The Game

Don’t pre book this – it’s the type of place you need to rock up to spontaneously, but have up your sleeve for when the right occasion arises. The day beds are ideal for the ‘morning after’ or for leisurely lounging; sharing a bottle of wine in the middle of the day doesn’t feel so elicit when you’re tucked up here. It’s hard to tear yourself away, so if you end up staying until darkness falls you won’t be disappointed. At night the lights dim, candles are lit and the dinner menu is sophisticated and varied.

The Faults

You won’t go here if you live in Shoreditch.

 Sex Factor


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