Rules, Covent Garden

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Rules Covent Garden
Established by Thomas Rule in 1798, this joint goes way back.

The Vibe

Rules is London’s oldest restaurant and is renowned for its traditional British food and classic game. The décor is sumptuously red and littered with pictures of all things British, creating a cosy, traditional, living-room feel. The indulgent décor, nicely dimmed lighting and impeccable service make you feel a little decadent and very relaxed. If you’re lucky enough to be sat at one of the many booths around the outside of the room, you’d best keep an eye on the time as it’s a perfect place to dig yourself in and indulge.

The Order

Rules is renowned for its game dishes and sources game birds, roe deer and beef from its own estate, in the High Pennines. A pre-starter of 6 Jersey rock oysters will set the mood for an evening of gorging. Then it’s primarily a meat-feast to be washed down with succulent red wines and topped off with cheese and port.

The Game

Choose Rules if you’ve been seeing your date for a while and you know each others tastes, it’s a very traditional and patriotic restaurant so it might not be to everyone’s liking. If you think your date would like Rules, tell them you’re booking something special and keep it a secret until the last minute. After all Rules is one of the finest and most consistent restaurants in London, so it’s one to make a big deal about. Book an early sitting, get comfy and enjoy some cocktails in the upstairs bar before indulging in the menu. Plan to work through the whole menu from pre-starters through to the desserts, coffees and post dinner cocktails. Afterwards whisk her into a cab straight home.

The Faults

Rules isn’t cheap. A dinner for two will cost c. £100 p.p. with cocktails and wines. With it being London’s oldest restaurant it can also be susceptible to tourists, so request a booth and book in advance.

Sex Factor

1. This is not a venue for a first date. It’s a venue for a more established relationship where you want to have a good conversation and treat yourselves at the same time. Whilst the restaurant itself may not be a catalyst for an evening of passion, hopefully the time spent together in the restaurant will be.

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