Copita, Soho

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  • Written by Harriet Chamberlain (Guest Author)
  • 6 years ago
Seville in Soho

The Vibe

Copita is an intimate little tapas bar in the heart of Soho. It has everything you could want from an informal Spanish joint; bar stools, a buzzy atmosphere and copious amounts of wine. I liked the special touches, like pans hanging from the walls and old fashioned ceiling fans (sadly redundant in this climate). The place is full of Spaniards, an excellent sign, as well as social media executives in the early stages of courtship.

The Order

You will be encouraged to try many different ‘copitas’ (small glasses) of wine rather than ordering by the bottle, thus enabling you to sample a lot without getting too ‘boraccho’. The food plates are small (tapas was originally intended to be snack food after all), but the quality is exceptional. Social Concierge recommends Chorizo de Bellota, Ajo Blanco & Beetroot and the Wild Seabass with Scallops & Fennel. As Spaniards are good at mashing up textures you might want to try the Tom Jones’ Beef Carpaccio, tender sirloin served on crunchy potato crisps. The menu is perfect for dates because it contains items that are both delicious and unusual enough to fuel conversations (like the Anchovy Fillet with Broad Bean Ice Cream).

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The Game

This is perfect for third dates, when you want something sexy but reasonably priced (having perhaps blown too much on the first two). Book a table for 6pm before a film or play nearby. Make sure you get stools that are next to each other instead of opposite, so you can get a fraction more intimate. Go mental on the wine, then soak it up with delicious cured meats and former sea dwelling creatures. If you get the ordering right you should leave here feeling a bit tipsy but not too full.

The Faults

Should you secure a window seat, the view of the derelict concrete complex opposite may not impress.

Sex Factor

4. The Spanish know how it’s done.

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