The Phene Winter Garden, Chelsea

The Phene Chelsea
The garden is as good-looking as the people who fill it

The Vibe

Gastro pub isn’t quite the right word. Like your date, this is a spruced up and polished version of the genuine article.  The Phene is an opulent affair, creatively directed by twentysomething fashion designer Lily Bourne. Enter a bar lit by chandeliers and silk lamps, and head towards the ‘winter garden’, complete with wicker chairs, white awnings, plush cushions, some token greenery and, more often than not, a host of posh totty who drape over and augment the furnishings. However, a Sloaney Pony joint this is not. Far from obnoxious groups crowding the bar and talking far too loudly for comfort, the clientele are remarkably low-key, albeit with a collection of Jimmy Choo handbags and fur gilets thrown into the mix. The garden is as good-looking as the people who fill it, rarely overcrowded and an undeniably romantic place for a Sunday evening date.

The Order

The Blackberry Champagne Mojito is touted as the drink to go for but, with winter weather approaching, the mugs of hot cider are particularly appealing and perfect if you’re looking for something a little less potent.

The Game

Deposit your date on one of the garden sofas and head to the bar for a couple of winter warmers or something fizz based. Choose an area that isn’t completely in the glare of the outdoor heaters; there needs to be chill enough to necessitate some cosying up. With waitresses at hand, order the next round of drinks to the table and cocoon up in the space for hours.

The Faults

It’s a considerable walk from Sloane Square station but there’s certainly no scarcity of cabs in Chelsea. It’s a shame the garden has to close earlier than the rest of the pub but since it now gets dark from 6, you’ll be able to clock a fair few hours under the picturesque fairy lights.

Sex Factor

2. This is more about the snuggle factor.

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