Pix, Covent Garden

Do not try to feed your date…

The Vibe

Pix is a tiny, tiny place. More of a corridor really, that opens up into a cupboard. But oh what triumph it is to secure a stool by the counter, in full view of the tapas and the barman. Be warned, the staff can be a little intimidating, on account Adonis-like looks and Dalstonite charm (or lack thereof). The egos are well deserved though, as the diminutive food is inventive, exciting and in date-friendly portions. At £2-3 for a mere mouthful, it could be considered a little uneconomical, but the fun factor, grabbing a plate and loading it with a selection of little inventions (smoked salmon with a syringe of horseradish, chilli chicken kebab with a mint and coriander shot) and exquisite ingredients make it worth it. A gourmand’s paradise.

The Order

Try it all. Get there early and there’s usually a happy hour on a selection of three bites for £5. Some fantastic cava as well, starting from £5 a glass.

The Game

Do not try to feed your date. The food at Pix may be bitesize but it’s anything but seductive to ram a delicate skewer of carefully combined tastes down his/her throat. Meet after work and spend only an hour or so here, nurse one drink, try a few bites but then make sure you move on. The novelty wears off surprisingly quickly and you’ll soon crave some lower chairs and a cosier winter pub.

The Faults

Slightly intimidating staff and a little cramped.

Sex Factor

2. There’s something sensual about good food but, as the name implies, this is a place that you pick and mix at and then move on. The next logical step would be a wine bar, which certainly bumps up the sex factor to 3 on a weeknight and 4.5 on a Saturday. Try the unfaltering date bar, Gordons.

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