Dean Street Townhouse, Soho

Dean Street Townhouse Soho
Red booths, red wine

The Vibe

This is a marvellous place to get some festive cheer going. It is cosy, elegant, reassuringly expensive and littered with slick furnishings (red leather chairs, white tableclothed surfaces) that befit the Parisian brasserie meets English country home set-up. You would be wise to book a table and, even if it’s only drinks you’re after, order some token bites (a crumpet will do) in order to bag a a proper table. Failing that, grab a couple of bar stools next to the fortysomething businessmen and Groucho Club types.

The Order

The afternoon tea at Dean Street Townhouse is impressive, but this is a place for nighttime pursuits. Tall candlesticks are brought out the moment darkness falls and your original tea order is quickly followed with a hearty glass of red or a champagne cocktail. Keep it simple, keep it classy.

The Game

Stay for a few glasses of red and, just as the drowsiness hits, move her into the chilly winter night, both of you flushed with booze and pressed together for warmth. Be a gentleman, hail a cab, kiss her firmly on the lips goodbye (no tongues sir, you’re old school tonight) and wander home safe in the knowledge that she has been successfully wooed. You had to work hard, and spend some cash, but the groundwork put in here will pay off.

The Faults

Keep on eye on the men at the bar, wandering eyes is an understatement. It’s a reasonably formal place so make sure you and your date will be at ease there. My advice, opt for a casual and chic dress code rather than hotel bar wagaliscious.

Sex Factor

1. Like I said, keep it classy. With any luck, you’ll be booking into their hotel on the next visit.

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