Meat Liquor, Marylebone

Burgers, obvs

The Vibe

Burger bars don’t tend to be synonymous with romance. That said, we’ve all watched enough Hollywood films to recognise that there’s something potentially endearing about watching a little lady messily chomping down on a burger, while the handsome rogue opposite her reaches over to affectionately dab the mayo off her chin, laughing to himself about how goddamn adorable she is. Sure.

Meat Liquor isn’t exactly an intimate spot for date night. There’s likely to be a queue. And you’re going to be eating messily. However, as you enter the dark, red leather, graffiti-riddled, bar/canteen it’s hard not to get a little excited. Whether from London or not, you feel like a tourist finally stumbling upon somewhere where the cool kids hang out. Whilst the clientele range from city slickers to teenagers and media types, they have little sway on the dominant atmosphere of grunge-chic. If you want to show your date a fun night out, in a place he/she is bound to return to or at least bore friends with boasts about, this is the one.

The Order

Burgers, obvs. If you order chili fries on the side, bear in mind that this is a hefty meat chili, not just a sprinkling of chili sauce, so a feast in itself. Drinks wise, stick to cocktails in trendy glasses, just a lot more fun.

The Game

Wave down the waitress as she runs past with shouts of ‘same again’ as you gesture to your half full beaker. Share the chili fries, talk animatedly with your mouth full and demonstrate how at ease you are in their company. No matter how good they look, don’t order the dessert, you’ll be too full to even contemplate initiating action. Move from cocktails to wine, have a perched snog on your bar stools (once the gin has stripped away the burger taste), order a final shot as a show of bravado, and then leave for a long and tipsy walk through beautiful streets of Marylebone.

The Faults

Danger of overeating and the considerable queue.

Sex Factor

3. Could go either way depending on whether the food or the date interest you more. Optimise your chances by sitting on the stools instead of slouching in booths that threaten to lull you into a deep and unsexy food coma.

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