Brixton Village Grill, Brixton

Brixton Village Grill
The menu is the real hook; inexpensive and simple

The Vibe

There’s something to be said for taking it down a notch on dinner dates. Brixton, with all its gourmet gentrification, has a plethora of food spots that are self-contained beauties, made more charming by their unremarkable surroundings. For every five food and hair product stalls in the market, there’s a quirky little French/Spanish/Asian joint that has been reviewed more than favorably by Observer and Guardian critics. The Brixton Village Grill is less styled-up than some, but still intimate and pretty enough. It’s also far cheaper than the setting and meaty menu would suggest, with a meal for two easily coming out at under £50 (and that includes stumbling out pissed).

The Order

The menu is the real hook; inexpensive, simple and delicious grilled meats and fish. Although flavorsome enough to be eaten without accompaniments, the piri piri sauce is a spicy must. Go straight to the mains, which tend to be under a tenner and come with either rice or chips and a fresh salad. This isn’t the place to share so think hard about your choice and commit to it; a stray fork in his/her lamb chop will

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not be interpreted as intimate, just rude. Share a dessert and drink your fill of cheap but palatable wine.

The Game

Keep it casual. The laid back setting means this is the perfect place to be yourself, have a laugh, enjoy some homely food and discuss which other places in the market you’ll try next. Since you’re now in Brixton, treat the meal as the first stage of the date, you may as well stick around. Two options here. Book late tickets to the nearby Ritzy Picturehouse for an arty film to snuggle through and then discuss on the way back to theirs. Or, move on to the White Horse pub on Brixton Hill for a bottle of red wine on the sinking leather sofas by the door. Take it from there.

The Faults

You could get a little more ‘mood’ going on but the informality is a plus and it’s still a level up from some of the more canteen-style eateries in the market.

Sex Factor

4. Once all the pomp and formality of dating is put aside, there’s nothing that makes us more relaxed and up for it than good meat, some wine, an unpressurised situation and the realisation that, unless actually based in Brixton, the taxi ride back will have to be shared (two stops or one eh…).

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