Grand Bazaar, Marylebone

Grand Bazaar Marylebone
The hook here is the price- and the meze plates

The Vibe

Friendly and warm Turkish staff, for want of a better word Grand Bazaar is ‘authentic’. The one room is tightly packed and they tend to welcome group bookings with open arms, but it’s a nice break from couple-filled joints. There is a foreign feel to it, as tables spill out of the front and the owner heckles you to come in to a cavernous place filled with lanterns and trinkets.

The Order

The hook here is the price and the meze plates. A couple can enjoy a mixed meat and veg meze for around £10 each. It is a spread of bite size treats, from tender chicken pieces in tomato, to grilled köfte and hummus. It is the perfect solution for easy eating on a date, allowing you leisurely move through the morsels, without having to frantically carve away and sloppily fit things in. It also tastes damn good. Whilst the house red and white are passable, the rosé is the more decent of the options.

The Game

Since the food is more snack-like, and it comes in dribs and drabs, this date is all about drawing out the evening for a good few hours. It’s perfect for those meaty conversations that convince you that you may actually have something in common. There is little potential for cheese or sleaze, this is about laying foundations. When it’s over, walk to the main street together, say your goodbyes (a lingering cheek kiss will suffice), and look forward to the next date.

The Faults

It tends to be full of more big groups than couples, so not aimed primarily at dating couples (could be refreshing).

Sex Factor

2. Definite repeat custom once you’re in a relationship.


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