Wahaca, Covent Garden

Wahaca Soho
The office affair

The Vibe

Post work drinking crowds, birthdays, girls nights out and couples who want a fun, not elegant, date night out. If you are having an office affair, you may just end up at Wahaca one Thursday night. Picture a brightly coloured wagamama, with better lighting and eager waitresses/waiters who have an American approach to service. This is not the place for deep and meaningful chats. It’s a place to let off steam and to enjoy food which, although ‘fresh, healthy and ethically sourced’, has all the meat/cheese/carb combinations down to a T.

The Order

Skip the burrito options, the pork soft flour tacos are yummiest, the bean and cheese quesadillas least messy and delicious. Ignore the salads, an embarrassing thing to order in a Mexican street food restaurant. You can’t book tables in advance but start at the bar with their great tequila based cocktail. At the table, sample the sipping tequilas, surprisingly easy drinking, do not shoot them!

The Game

Although the plan is to sip (not shoot) the tequila, after a while it becomes impossible not to slather on the salt, bark at the waiter for lime and imbibe it the fun way . This date is bound to get raucous. You’re already in Covent Garden so suggest a bar for afterwards, continue drinking into oblivion and feel each other up in a club/on the street/back at yours. Not the most demure of dates, but a fun one.

The Faults

Nothing. It is what it is.

Sex Factor

2.5-4.5, depending on tequila consumption


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