Bluebird Café, Chelsea

Summer dating in the Courtyard

The Vibe

The Bluebird Café is a true Chelsea institution, a fairly posh joint originally owned by Sir Terrance Conran, tastemaker of the upper middle classes and thinking woman’s crumpet.  It is a great date location for a number of reasons. Firstly, because of its reputation. Secondly, because of it’s multifarious offerings: there’s a pricey restaurant, a chilled café, a bakery, a fine foods shop, a bar and a courtyard.  Sidestepping the formality of the restaurant itself, head to the Courtyard on a sunny Saturday for a relaxed date. Café tables sit on greener than green astroturf set against the impressive white backdrop of the artfully designed building. A barbecue smokes away at the front as locals sip on Bellinis, pick at their food and people watch.

The Order

The lunch menu is not an adventurous one, just café classics like Caesar Salad, Croque Monsieur, Seafood Linguini and posh paninis. Just focus on getting the summer cocktails/bottle of rose ordered and then go for the barbeque options, a decent bacon cheeseburger (although this will only be cooked well done), great grilled tiger prawns and an excellent halloumi skewer.

The Game

This is a fairly casual date. As long as the sunshine holds out and you are happy for a small wait, it’s more about looking fresh, summery and appealing. Take advantage of the safety of sunglasses to get comfortable at the beginning, but make sure you do take them off eventually as it is much harder to make a connection without any real eye contact. Don’t get stressy about the service, it’s not great but you now know this in advance so don’t wreck the vibe with menial complaints. After an hour or so, make tracks and head down the Kings Road.  Grab a frozen yogurt for the walk, take a moment on the benches by the square and head down to the Saatchi Gallery for a spot of culture. Sexy this ain’t, but it sure is romantic.

The Faults

You could easily be put off by the Kings Road crowd and it’s heavily reliant on good weather.

Sex Factor

1. It’s a wonderful day date but better suited to a third or fourth meet-up, when you want time off from the bars.


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