Café Boheme, Soho

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  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
  • 7 years ago
A glimpse of Paris in the heart of Soho…

The Vibe

A beacon of class and sophistication nestled amidst the chaos of Old Compton Street, you can sit in the window of this chic French brasserie and stare out at the drag queens, theatre goers and muscled young men in tight t-shirts walking by. Steadfastly unpretentious, Café Boheme seems as if it just can’t help being cool – and why wouldn’t it be when it’s open Monday-Saturday until 3am. There’s a special Late Night Menu served after midnight and the vibe is electric, filled with the whirl and excitement of late night London. There are outdoor tables warmed by overhead heaters and a bustling bar area – both good options for pre or post dinner drinks. This place works year round – in Summer you can sit outside and watch the Soho night unfold and in Winter you can cosy up inside and dream yourselves to Paris.

The Order

Go with the classics. Main courses are generous but the Petit Plats are great to start – share the Deep fried Camembert with onion chutney or the whitebait to whet your appetite and break the ice. Amongst the huge variety of Entrees on offer, onion soup is served in a rustic French bowl with melted cheese cascading down the side whilst Steak Frites comes in every cut from rump to Filet. The house wines are good so don’t feel the need to go fancy. At the bar, you’ll need one of the classics like their “Dark and Stormy” or go floral with the “Fleur de Jardin”. If you’re here for a late night pitstop, go all out with a Croque Monsieur or a cheesburger and soak up the alcohol whilst watching people stumble out of G-A-Y across the road.

The Game

You can’t reserve tables anymore here so come early or late, or with a view to put your names down and have some drinks first. The bar gets busy so try to nab a booth or a spot outside where you can hear each other talk and demote the raucous crescendo to entertaining background noise. Watch out for tables in the aisles – and don’t be afraid to specify against this when putting your name down as there are some good romantic corners and quieter tables tucked away. This is a place for part of your evening – either drinks and dinner first, or as a pitstop on the way back to theirs.

The Faults

The constant buzz is great but it can feel more like you’re part of the party especially if you’re sitting close to the bar. It’s location in the heart of Soho can make you both feel slightly seedy and you’re more than likely to trip over a few bodies on your way home.

Sex Factor

3.5, with a potential to go higher….

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