Sushinho, Chelsea

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  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
  • 7 years ago
Brazil meets Japan

The Vibe

Whilst its Kings Road neighbours include the supersize Bluebird and the swanky Beaufort House, the doorway to Sushinho is dark and understated. The entrance sets the tone; this place is confident that it can (and will) prove itself as your evening unfolds. There is a bar area with good looking barmen mixing Caipirinhas, next to sushi chefs creating culinary masterpieces. The crowd is an eclectic mix – groups of girlfriends, trendy families, die hard foodies. Low lighting, potted tropical plants and dark wood provide a backdrop to a whole fusion of tastes served by discreet yet friendly staff.

The Order

Start with a cocktail at the bar – go with a Brazilian classic, sake infused delights or the Sushinho specialities like the Kiwirico which is garnished with scored kiwi fruit and redcurrants. Sample each other’s cocktails, take your time and watch as the night unfolds and the restaurant comes alive.

If you want to order yourself, go with the rolls – making sure you taste the smoked salmon and their own speciality (simply named the “sushinho roll”)– whilst plying yourselves with easily shareable edamame, baby squid and ballotine of foie gras cleverly matched with black goma and guava. Venture off piste and try the ceviches – the moqueca is light and refreshing with hints of coconut milk. If you’re inspired and can’t resist a bit of everything, move onto the wagyu steak tartare, easily eaten with the dainty fried plantain, which accompany it. Where the Japanese do sushi, the Brazilians really come through on the desserts – share the passion crumble or the assortment of strawberry and continue to be wowed all over again.

The Game

Arrive around 8pm. The restaurant works best when it’s full of people- although once at your table you’ll be so awestruck with each dish that emerges that the lively buzz will fade to a pleasant background glow. The main restaurant is great but for a more romantic feel request a downstairs table where you can cosy up in a booth and ignore everyone else. Share everything – the food is a constant ice-breaker and everything is easy to split and tidy to eat, no sloppy noodles or awkward sized servings.

The bus stop is just outside but use the location to share a taxi on the premise of reaching the nearest tube station, in the hope that neither of you will actually get out there.

The Faults

Learn how to pronounce the name early – (su-shee-nyo) otherwise you’ll both be unsure and swallow the ending every time you mention it. It’s easy to get carried away and the price can quickly wrack up but as long as you don’t waste it on a non foodie, it really is worth it and you’ll both be talking about it for weeks.

Sex Factor

4 – get swept away with the Brazilian spirits and the theatre of the night.

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