Off Broadway, London Fields

Off Broadway Bar London
East is East

The Vibe

Some joints are at their fittest in the summer, with crowds that spill from bar to pavement advertising a place literally bursting with fun. Others are most desirable in the winter, when a cover of darkness makes their basement nooks and crannies perfect havens for wine swilling. Bar Off Broadway is a rare creature that manages to peacock in both seasons. During the summer, it is a bohemian haven of outdoor picnic-esque tables, where trendy East London sun seekers mingle with their co-drinkers, sipping on bright cocktails and salivating over the pop-up taco stand. In winter, it is a brooding cocktail den, just the right sort of snug and great for perching at the tall bar, drinking at the dark and scruffy tables, or moving to the basement for a private piss-up. Like other joints in East London, the influence of New York’s East Village is unashamed, a co-mingling of comfort and self-conscious style, with camp and edgy bartenders thrown into the mix. Charming.

The Order

People who describe cocktails as too strong bemuse me; I’d like a splash of juice with my overpriced liquor thank you very much. That said, this place will get you reassessing the codes of acceptability when it comes to the alcohol/mixer ratios; the drinks don’t mess around. It may look like there is some sort of fruity mix in your tumbler but you’re really swimming in a potent tankard of booze, loving it until you realise the effect of  just one. But what of it; they are bold in their pairings and truly delicious. Try the ginger beer and mescal for a smokey and spicy tequila experience, or the FDR for a dirty and potent martini. And for the love of god, get some carby bar snacks on the side, a quesadilla will do.

The Game

For once the idea is to keep an eye on what and how much you drink as it is very easy to get carried away and cross the line from cheerful sunshine drinks to confused daytime drunkenness. Ladies, I wouldn’t dream of having more than two unless the intent here is to get pissed and traipse back to your date’s Dalston warehouse. Lads, no one likes a drunk girl so even if she begs for ‘another of those pink things’, guide her gently towards the coffee barristas in Broadway market. If it’s still daytime, leave the bar merry and walk to London Fields to snuggle in the sun and enjoy your daze, perhaps grabbing more snacks on the way. If this is an evening occasion, head to Pub in the Park for a young and fun setting, with enough music and distractions to enliven a twentysomething date.

The Faults

Aforementioned drink potency.

Sex Factor

1. It’s a nice place to start a date but far too dangerous to end it at. A pit stop in summer and perhaps a longer affair in winter when the cover of darkness will conceal all transgressions.


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