Isola Del Sole, Putney

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  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
  • 7 years ago
Isola del Sol restaurant Putney
Sardinia in South West London

The Vibe

This place is for those in the know. There are no more than 12 tables and it’s full of foodies, locals and a little bench outside the front to sit and have a glass of wine on. Going to a Sardinian restaurant is infinitely more romantic and exotic than the standard Italian so points can be scored by casually letting your date know in advance the cuisine you’ll be enjoying. The restaurant is smart with a rustic twist – there is a vat of olive oil in the corner, and if you have questions about the menu you’re invited to pop your head through the open window to the kitchens and chat to the chefs.

The Order

The food at Isola Del Sole is outstanding – it’s very simple but contains the freshest ingredients and is all presented in a way that would rival many a central London eatery acclaimed with Michelin stars.  The menu changes regularly and portion sizes are well designed to ensure you don’t feel overly full on two or three courses. The starters all lend themselves to sharing fairly easily, especially the Mozarella di Bufala and the Antipasto. The pastas are sophisticated and surprisingly light with some specialities like Pappardelle with quail meat and truffle oil. Fish here is excellent and there are usually one or two meat options available for men who just want to be men. Although there is no sommelier and the waitresses aren’t overly knowledgeable, the wine list is good and you can dazzle your date with the fun fact that Sardinia has long been a vinous landmark, nicknamed “wine island” in the 16th Century. Desserts are good but the Mediterranean feel of this place makes you want to order an espresso or sip on a cappuccuino.

The Game

Plan your arrival carefully to avoid your date feeling underwhelmed by the fact that you’re meeting just off Putney High Street, and instead suggest a drink by the river beforehand. This is the type of restaurant that is buzzing late into the evening and they are very laid back about timings so there’s no rush and the size of the restaurant makes it better with a few full tables. You can stay for hours here, there’s no pressure from the staff to turn the tables and you’ll easily reach a second bottle of wine. You’ll stumble out to a South West London street feeling mischievously anonymous, like well fed rebels in suburbia.

The Faults

The location of this restaurant (down a fairly unexceptional looking road) could could put your date off– but just make sure you include the river and a walk over the bridge at either the start of end of the evening to offset the frumpier milieu.

Sex Factor

4. You’ll get swept up in the warm buzz of the place and the smugness of feeling you’ve just discovered a gem. Traveling home together is essential due to location, so stay late then hop in a taxi.

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