Casita, Shoreditch

On my gap yah…

The Vibe

This bar is small, cramped and self-assured. The owner of Casita, a gent called Will who is apparently next in line to be the Earl of Norfolk, may or may not have spent a booze-riddled gap year in South America as the focus here is potent tequila-laced cocktails in a shabby-chic, exposed brick shack. If you manage to fit into the tiny space, you’ll never be more than a wide step from the bar and the friendly banter of the barmen will make up for any lacking conversational sparring of your own. If you don’t manage to fit in the space comfortably, which is likely, there’s nothing wrong with spilling onto the pavements on a summer’s evening. Unlike most bars in the area, this place is completely unpretentious, relatively ungimmicky and inexpensive enough to get disgracefully drunk in.

The Order

They serve excellent tequila, either in long cocktails or long shots. The mojitos use a small forest of mint and are sweet, strong and worth the 10 minute wait. The Tequila con Verdita shot is accompanied by a chaser of corriander, mint, pineapple juice and fresh jalepenos blended together- try it. Nothing will be delivered to you with speed so perhaps get cracking with a couple of beers and then order your cocktails once you’ve settled into the date and the environment.

The Game

There are levels of comedy to be reached by attempting to spend the whole evening here. Meet straight after work on a Thursday, when it is still possible to fit into the space, and stay as long as you can as it fills up around you. The physical gap between you and your date will close as the bodies cluster in as the night goes on. If you play it right, the chemistry will grow in direct proportion to time spent there and cocktails consumed. Gasp for air and a cigarette outside, the perfect moment to make your move on the streets. Alternatively, save your precious space indoors and try and grab one of the few bar stools around; girl sits, boy stands, the perfect leveller for a kiss.

The Faults

Teeny-tiny, cramped and hot. Either strikes the right note or could fluster a stressed out and nervous person coming straight from work.

Sex Factor

5. A simple mix of cocktails, South American vibes and small spaces- just wait it out.

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