42 RAW, Picadilly

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  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
  • 7 years ago
The yoga-bunny date

The Vibe

Like downward dogs and wheatgrass shots, raw food is gradually entering our consciousness as one of those things just seeping wellness and vitality. 42 RAW makes you feel healthy the minute you step in the door – potted plants, rustic wine crates and grains you’ve never even heard of available to buy in brown paper packages. Slate topped tables are filled with local businessmen sheepishly downing their green juices, toned and botoxed housewives fresh from their Pilates classes and young office workers bored of Pret and Itsu. This is healthy fast food – that’s actually healthy, not steeped in salt and sugar. Purists will love the fact that every ingredient used is 100% plant based whilst sceptics will wonder where the meat is.

The Order

Everything is boxed and ready to go so it’s simply a matter of choosing from the counter. The food is a visual delight of colour and creativity, beautifully presented in individual containers. For girls, the salads are amazing so grab one of them and opt for a juice or a coffee (made with your choice of milks- none of which come from cows). For the boys, the fear of not getting full enough will probably veer you to the lasagne or the avocado sandwich –however the latter isn’t particularly easy to eat so grab a (biodegradable) fork on your way to your table. The chocolate brownies are great (made with cashew nuts instead of flour) or take away an Energy Ball filled with spirulina and vitamins. 

The Game

It’s a big space, situated just behind the Royal Academy so it’s better to catch it in the busy lunchtime buzz rather than let your voices echo in the high ceilinged grandeur.  Outside seating is plentiful but try and control your people watching/perving (available in every direction – from the half dressed models on the steps of Abercrombie, to the well dressed city boys having lunch in Cecconi’s) and concentrate devotedly on your date. Use this as a fast date – either because evenings are precious and you want to just check someone out, or you’re in that phase where a whole day without seeing that someone is just too long. If you want to drag it out, nip into the neighbouring gallery afterwards and use this opportunity to impress your date with your advanced Googling skills (‘ah yes, Kandinsky’s blue period I believe’).

The Faults

You need to take this place for what it is. It’s not a glamorous restaurant and it helps to be vaguely passionate (and open minded) about food to appreciate it. The food is expensive for take out style fast food and you’ve got to pick the right person if you’re using this as a special treat.

Sex Factor

0 – but excellent for initial groundwork or in between dates contact.

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