River Quarter Kitchen, Battersea

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  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
  • 7 years ago
A great little wine joint

The Vibe

Nowhere in London do high rise flats and penthouses sit quite so intermingled as on the Battersea/Wandsworth border, demonstrated by the exclusive heliport nestled just streets away from council estates featuring authentic Jamaican food stores. River Quarter Kitchen, the latest venture from the husband and wife couple whose eateries already feature in Hampstead, Knightsbridge and Chelsea, is in the heart of this mezze of concepts – a beautiful restaurant furnished in the type of ‘shabby chic’ that is actually not remotely shabby – which overlooks a river scene perhaps best described as urban industrial. There’s a grown up vibe here in the evenings, locals from the luxury flats above and to either side of the restaurant as well as city workers who live in clusters around such riverside settlements. There is a glow to this place, lit up by the candles in lanterns at the entrance and carried through to the bright open kitchen at the back of the space.

The Order

Unless it’s a scorching Summer’s evening (in which case, a glass of Pimm’s is essential), this is a wine venue. The By the Glass list is impressive and the Prosecco is delightful if you fancy something special. There’s an excellent Bar Menu with Pates, Tapas and Charcuterie on offer however starters on the A La Carte closely compete and may be preferable if you’re going for a sit down dinner-  the Grilled Squid or English Asparagus are both light and well presented. Baskets of bread are from fresh loaves laid out on a large counter close to the kitchen – one of the many features that hark back to the Quarter’s focus on delicatessen-style delights. The well priced meat and fish mains should be chosen over the pizza options here and share a Passion fruit mousse or the White Chocolate cheesecake to finish.

The Game

You must arrive and depart by taxi. Or helicopter. Either one, just don’t come by train or try to walk home or you’ll either find yourself in a slightly seedy no man’s land or windswept and shivering from the cold river breeze. The restaurant is spacious and offers everything from a cutesy table in the window, to sophisticated bar seating, with little corners and cosy alcoves in between. Usher her up the steps in front of you and walk confidently to the bar for a pre dinner drink. If it’s still light outside, time being seated at your table with the sunset outside and delight to each other how beautiful the river looks and how you’d love to one day live in a tall glass building with views across London.  Share starters and desserts because mains are ample enough especially if you go with the heavier options such as Fish Pie or Tagliatelle. Cradle your glass of wine after dinner and soak up the river views by night – interspersed by lonesome commuters or lycra clad cyclists passing by. The lack of anywhere close by to move on to can be advantageous if you’re a fan of the nightcap- you can easily justify a glass of something stronger before you leave.

The Faults

The location, but it’s different and there are ways around it (see: heliport)

Sex Factor

3 – you can stay here all evening, and you simply MUST share a taxi home.

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