Delancey & Co, Goodge Street

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  • Written by Emily Rees Jones (Guest Author)
  • 4 years ago
Can men and women be friends or does sex always get in the way?

The Vibe

Delancey Street in Manhattan was home for over a century to Ratner’s Delicatessen, a New York institution famed for its rude waiters, matzo balls, potato pancakes and blintzes. Goodge Street’s latest offering pays homage to the spirit of a real New York Deli. Rye bread, salt beef, fresh bagels, smoked salmon and six varieties of ‘schmear’ are the staples here at Delancey & Co, and customers are invited to ‘grab & go’ or ‘grab & sit’, this is a lunch time spot for a quick nosh. The neon lighting is bright, the music fun and the food pretty damn good. It’s not a destination date but a great place for a pit stop while wandering around Soho.

The Order

Salt beef and sauerkraut on marbled rye washed down with root beer is a cracking choice, or build your own Reuben or bagel. If you choose the turkey don’t stint on the condiments, jalapeno mustard or chrane (beetroot and horseradish) give it a much needed kick. Bubba’s Chicken Soup is tasty and reassuringly authentic but get one to share and have a sandwich each. Prosecco on tap is a nice touch but the sweetness of Harry Brompton’s alcoholic ice tea is heaven with the salty beef and crunchy pickles.

The Game

Remember the ‘Wanna see my magic trick?’ scene in Good Will Hunting? Skylar and Will are on their first date, goofing around in a toy shop, the scene cuts to them sitting at a counter eating dirty burgers, laughing with their mouths full and she challenges him to kiss her right then and there. I’m not necessarily advocating lunging over bagels but that’s the kind of spontaneous silliness you are after on this date.

The Faults

This joint closes at 6pm which is a shame because it would be a perfect spot to dive into after the cinema or theatre.

Sex Factor


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