El Patron, Putney

  • DATE #333
  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
  • 4 years ago
You wanna speak to El Patron?

The Vibe

Ideal for the heady days of early romance or a Friday night first date, this place is loud and fun, screaming out for you to let loose and indulge. Mexican can oh-so-easily get tacky, but these guys have kept it classy with Dia de Los Muertos murals, expertly crafted cocktails and a brilliantly debauched downstairs bar.

The Order

Share. Dear God share, because devouring a burrito will just not make you feel sexy, however good it tastes. Get the first round of cocktails in as you go for the chips and guacamole to start. Move on to the tacos (the fish ones are delightful as are the pulled pork) and add in a quesadilla and the mango salad just to get maximum satisfaction. Drinks are unsurprisingly based around tequila: you have been warned.

The Game

It’s Putney- you don’t need to play it cool. So, meet at the table and get down to business (as in cocktails and tortilla chip dipping) with flirtatious small talk as the music level increases. Plates of food come and go, drinks flow and before you know it you’ll be convincing each other to carry on late into the night in the ideal basement watering hole. El Patron doesn’t close until 2am by which time it only makes sense to share a taxi….

The Faults

Fun but not fancy, and don’t take anyone who likes to be Low Carb.

Sex Factor


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