Fika, Brick Lane

Fika London

The Vibe

Fika is a cosy little Scandi café on Brick Lane. And at first glance, it offers only what you’d expect – coffee, Danish pastries, wooden counters, cute touches.

It’s totally by accident that the humble dater stumbles upon a gem of a mood setter – the cubby corner. Built into the ground floor café, there’s an elevated platform that houses a snug table for two – complete with flattering darkness, blinking fairy lights and a layout that makes you feel like you’re in a grounded horse and carriage, or a forester’s tool shed. This is the snuggle spot for weary Brick Lane travelers, and an SC pick for getting it on when you’re boozeless and it’s bright outside.

Oh and for sun lovers, there’s the terrace for sunny moments and craft beers.

The Order

Depends on whether you’re drinking. Daytime daters go for coffee and a Danish. Afternoon to evening daters can sip on craft beers, Swedish ciders and refreshing cocktails like the Forest Clearing (Mezcal, elderflower and dill schnaps).

The Game

This is a weekend date. Suggest a jaunt to Brick Lane and start with a token rifle around some vintage stores, like Beyond Retro. Try ridiculous things on, poke fun, maybe buy them a token badge or belt. Then head in the direction of Fika – ostensibly to show them the famous Brick Lane bagel shops – and casually suggest a quick coffee when you pass it. Head straight to the cubby hole, put them in the corner, order a coffee and then upgrade to a real drink. If you mange to stay longer than an hour you are well within your rights to make a move. Then leave to find dinner elsewhere.

The Faults

The menu ain’t all that. Stick to what they do well – booze and pastries.

Sex Factor

1. It’s a café for Christ’s sake.

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