House Rules


  • Members’ are welcome to propose new applicants to join the club, but each new member must go through the proper application process
  • Once accepted to become a member you have 7 days to complete your payment details, otherwise you must start the process again
  • Once you have set up membership, you are committed to pay a minimum of 3 month’s membership. Cancelling before the last payment has been received will result in further action.
  • Members are occasionally allowed ONE guest to selected events – but after a guest has come to one event, they will need to join for future events. To guarantee a guest we recommend you fast track their membership into the club by using your name as their referral.
  • It is the member’s responsibility to RSVP in good time to an event, 4 weeks is our notice period for the monthly party and 3 weeks for smaller events.
  • Members must be on active subscriptions at the time of attending an event.
  • You can pause your dating membership by changing to a subscription of 50% of your monthly membership fee. This is permitted for up to 3 months and enables you to pay per ticket for events you can make.
  • Members’ are allowed up to 2 guests at House of St Barnabas – any more please email the SC team ahead of time.

Membership Cards

  • All app membership cards are for the sole use of the member


  • For most events membership is mandatory and it is down to the discretion of our team if we offer the chance to purchase a taster ticket @ £20.
  • Supperclub events are members’ only – no guests
  • Finance and Fashion is an open event, therefore a member can purchase a discounted ticket
  • Outside partner events are not guaranteed to be a 50/50 gender split

Cancelling Membership

  • It is the member’s’ responsibility to cancel their membership if they no longer want to be apart of SC, this can be done by emailing or through their bank. Once cancelled, it is effective immediately and you can no longer attend events.
  • Refunds on tickets bought for an event or on membership are not permitted 
  • Once membership is cancelled you must wait 6 months for re-admission. Alternatively full price memberships can drop to £20pcm to pause membership till ready to return.


  • All photos taken at events may be used on social media. If you do not wish for your photos to be used then please contact a member of the SC team.


  • It is the member’s responsibility to obtain contact numbers at events, SC will not be able to disclose this information

Member Ejections

  • It is at the sole discretion of the matchmaker to eject members from the club if they feel they do not live up to our social grace
  • An expelled member may not return to the club as a guest


  • From time to time we will offer a limited number of free tickets to events. When members apply for them – through the app or via email – we pick a random selection. It is not a case of who RSVPs first.

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