Lobster Kitchen, Fitzrovia

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  • Written by Jadzia Biegun (Guest Author)
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Oh Buoy

The Vibe

July’s Feast@Fitzrovia was a vital step in cementing Fitzrovia as the place to dine at the moment. Hot-dogs & Champagne at Bubbledogs, Austrian spätzle & sauerkraut at Boopshis, and now crustacea at Lobster Kitchen.  But not just any lobster, this is Maine lobster, flown to London and carefully frozen in salt water for the treacherous journey.  Casual and whimsical, Lobster Kitchen works well for a weekday date.  Seated on high stools at shared tables you can swing your legs to distraction, adorably toppling off your chair while admiring the funky lobster baskets hanging from the ceiling.  Clumsy or cute.

The Order 

Try and eat the whole menu.  First thing’s first – the soup of the month – lobster bisque that smells and tastes like the swellest of summer holidays. Then light as air lobster rolls. The meat is a delicacy in itself, simple and tasty.  Then the heavy artillery – meaty lobster tails and split lobsters, which you should share. By then there’s  only one option left – the very retro Thermidor.  Oh wait, anyone for deep fried lobster legs?  There’s also a no-carb option in the form of a  wobbly summer roll – the best parts of lobster wrapped in rice paper garnished with coriander and lemon.

The Game

This is a down to earth place serving heavenly food.  Booze keeps things ticking along nicely.  Go classy and drink only bubbles or hit the ‘Cocktail Station’ for a Mule or two: cool but with a bite (rum, lime, ginger beer). Then stay on that side of the Atlantic and sip way on Sierra Nevada for the rest of the evening.  All going well, continue the fun by taking your date for a round of ping pong and a Bloody Viking cocktail (their take on a Bloody Mary) at the Nordic Bar on Newman Street.

The Faults

Sharing tables are fun but don’t bank on a super intimate atmosphere.

Sex Factor 

3. Serving the sexiest crustacean on earth, Lobster Kitchen is casual and fun; a no pressure kind of a place where you can let your guard down and enjoy sucking the juices out of a Dragon prawn shell.  And, if struggling, you can always steer the conversation towards the subject of seafood as aphrodisiac…

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