Love Die Late, Great Portland Street

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  • Written by Sonya Chee (Guest Author)
  • 3 years ago
A very solid first date choice

The Vibe

Love Die Late is safely seductive. With its central location and dimly lit 1950s style decor, it’s a solid first date choice. Game on.

The Order

The strong drinks and quick service will loosen you up in no time. The cocktail menu is a conversation starter – featuring ‘scent of bread crust’ and ‘white flowers’ as key ingredients. The (C)lover club was heavenly and fruity, but opt for the Moonwalker if you’re after some strong Dutch courage. Go with a full stomach as the only nibbles on offer are slightly less than sexy cheese and meat platters, unless you have a penchant for blue cheese breath on your date.

The Game

Post-work attire is ideal for this place. It’s not a trainer sporting venue by any stretch but your best pearls would definitely look out of place.  Perhaps start on one of the sofas upstairs facing the window so you can spot your date and do a bit of people watching to get things going. Once warmed up, consider moving to one of the spots downstairs to watch the screened black and white films and have a cheeky snog.  If you can’t get down for a boogie, head to the London Edition basement if you’re feeling flush, student dive Roxy for a laugh or the Social’s hip hop karaoke if it’s a Thursday and you’re feeling ghetto.

The Faults

Whilst the cocktails are not your average espresso martini and the service attentive, there’s nothing edgy about this place, so if you’re trying to impress an East London beanie wearing hottie, this is not the place.

Sex Factor

4.  These guys definitely want you to get laid, and seem to not-so-subconsciously try and get the message across from their website, to their staff’s chat and dark corners for you to occupy. As soon as I walked in I saw a couple snogging on one of the sofas.

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