New Street Grill, Bishopsgate

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New Street Grill, Bishopsgate
Can you make it to the bottom of your glass?

The Vibe

Just off bustling Bishopsgate, New Street Grill is tucked away down a quiet, paved street. Adjoining Devonshire Square you feel, especially on a Sunday, like you’ve discovered your very own private section of London.

The exterior of the restaurant is impressive. Black iron bolts are mounted onto a white brick surface whilst a hanging sign with wrought iron brackets announces the entrance. Once through the large glass doors, an overwhelmingly friendly host awaits your arrival with jubilant salutations. Arms extended wide, winter coat whisked away, and hand warmly grasped, you and yours are joyfully carried upon this wave of welcome into the casual yet classy dining room. Stone arched windows, rows of dangling light-bulbs and tastefully arranged bouquets of catkins and orchids whisper effortless sexiness. Early on a Sunday afternoon, the restaurant is filled with ladies-what-lunch, casual couples and the Saturday night date which stayed up late.

The Order

New St Grill delivers classic brunch dishes at a refreshingly reasonable price: £20 for two courses, £25 for three and unlimited Prosecco or Bloody Marys for an additional £10 per person – yes, you read correctly, unlimited. Begin with bubbles and your glass shall be gloriously replenished forever after. Whilst coming to terms with this marvel of generosity, order the Kedgeree Scotch Egg to start, which covers the breakfast angle of the brunch. The delicious golden orb stands on a bed of peppery rocket salad, harbouring a perfectly soft boiled egg at the centre. Add more bubbles and Sunday becomes a celebration.

For the main event, continue merrily down the path of decadence, led by a rich and moreish Lobster Macaroni. Although the proportion of lobster to macaroni is considerably in favour of the latter, add more bubbles and this is no longer a concern. If pining for something meatier, then a classic Sunday roast ticks the box. Have the lamb garnished with all the trimmings and a little extra – comforting cauliflower cheese, served in a mini cast iron pan, is a pleasant culinary touch. Add more bubbles, and contemplate dessert.

Share the creamy baked rice pudding and rhubarb compote accompanied with, you guessed it, more bubbles!

The Game

Saturday evening: you went out on a clubby date, drank too many cocktails, danced the night away and now find yourself on Sunday morning awakening to the realisation that you still have company. Where to go from here? The date was fun, you didn’t expect it to move quite so fast, but aren’t looking desperately about you for a window exit. Stay calm. Turn to your lover, bring them back to the land of the living with a light kiss and offer a warm smile. Look deep into their eyes and say lovingly…“Brunch, my darling?”

Fling on previous evening’s clothes – ladies borrow the gentleman’s jacket, gentleman a creased shirt and light blue jeans will do – then trip off to New St. Get a taxi to avoid the outside world, and allow your Sunday to slip away, assisted by frivolously free-flowing Prosecco and intimate chatter of the night before.

The Faults

There’s unlimited Prosecco – what’s not to like?

Sex Factor

Bubbly 3. Reserve for stage 2 of the dating agenda.

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