Nozomi, Knightsbridge

  • DATE #292
  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
  • 4 years ago

The Vibe

It’s hard to avoid superlatives when you’ve had a meal at Nozomi.  There aren’t many single restaurants (and this isn’t a big player like Hakkasan or Roka) who have their own doorman, a maître-d who kisses your hand, and staff who look like they’ve walked off the catwalk yet still know how to smile.  Add to this some of the most divine Japanese cuisine, a recent refurbishment and bartenders who seriously know what they’re doing.  If your date isn’t impressed, you may well need to surrender.

The Order

Don’t freak out that the online menu doesn’t have prices.  You won’t care for the cost when you’re eating scallop and foie gras dumplings, Wagyu beef tataki or Chilean sea bass baked in cedar wood. Plus where else in the world can you ask for wasabi mash, or eat a black cod tempura maki that’ll make your date’s heart melt.  Sake based cocktails are a must, and deep fried crème brûlée is entirely condoned.

The Game

This little gem of a street looks delightful by day but positively seductive by night. Tut snootily at the array of Ferraris drag racing up and down, but succumb slightly by upping your Uber home to a Lux. It’s perfectly acceptable to eat dinner here at 10, so start with casual drinks and watch the beautiful people descend.  Allow a little head rush but stay sober enough to really enjoy this food. Share plates, do a little playful chopstick feeding, and allow the food and drink to flow. The banquette seats allow maximum cosying up, or if you’re separated by chairs, move back to the bar afterwards and enjoy what they describe as a “passionate musical offering”.

The Faults

Although it’s so much more (with superb food, drink and service), there’s no escaping that this place is a “scene”.

Sex Factor

4.  Oozing some may say.

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