Pedler, Peckham

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  • Written by Milli Taylor (Guest Author)
  • 4 years ago
Understated, cool and homely

The Vibe

William Blake had a vision of “a tree filled with angels” on Peckham Rye in the 18th century. Whilst our visit to Pedler was lacking in celestial beings, we did start our evening off with pretty heavenly pork scratchings (more about that later)…

Pedler is a relatively new entrant on the Peckham food scene and has an understated feel that is effortlessly cool and homely. A whole lotta love has been put into the feel of the place, from the quirky Chinese cabbage ceramic lamps to the relaxed beach hut bar stools. Everything from the vintage glassware to the copper foot rail makes it a mishmash feast for the eyes kind of place.  Open late from Tuesday until Saturday, there are pre-bookable communal tables or stools at the bar. We sat on a communal table, but couldn’t make out a word from our fellow diners, the acoustics are bang on, no shouting to hear each other but buzzy enough for private convos. We enjoyed the eclectic playlist, from the Pixies to Otis Redding, and a bit of Amy Winehouse and War in between.

The Order

Gareth Crosby is a head chef with bags of passion and energy with a cheeky smile to boot.  The menu changes daily but don’t despair, if you’ve heard great things about the “Frizzle chicken” (brined, poached and fried) with attitude sauce or the aforementioned “lard-y-dah” pork scratchings, they will always be on. Phew. You can choose from nibbles and small plates, ideal for sharing and ideal for a date. Perfect little morsels washed down with tasty Little Bird gin cocktails (one of the owners of Pedler is behind Little Bird). Although an all gin cocktail list may not appeal to everybody, we’d have been equally happy with the pretty extensive wine list and small collection of craft beers. Desserts are imaginative and seriously worth leaving space for. We managed one each but portions are generous enough to share. If you need to ditch your date and say your goodbyes asap, no one will judge if you wanna sneak back in alone for the Ricotta poppy seed cheesecake and sloe gin soaked fruits at the bar.

The Game

The soft lighting, candlelit tables and friendly staff make Pedler an atmospheric but casual date venue – perfect for whispering a few sweet nothings over shared food. I wouldn’t go to this place on a first date though, it would be a shame to waste the romantic intimacy of Pedler on some random off Tinder.

The Faults

Stay put here and take your time working through the cocktail menu, it’s not the easiest area to stumble out the door on a bar crawl, yet. We recommend that you book a table.

Sex factor

4.  We spied several couples looking cosy at the bar.  The comfortable atmosphere, great staff, impressive food and cocktail selection make this the perfect “seal the deal” venue. You may just fall in love and roll back in for brunch.

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