Senor Ceviche, Soho

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  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
  • 4 years ago
Tequila, tequila

The Vibe

Kingly Court is THE place to be right now – home to all the cool kids in town; Señor Ceviche is in good company. Situated on the upper level of this bustling haven, the atmosphere in here is pure London buzz. Without being remotely stuffy, this Peruvian inspired eatery consistently serves up excellent food and drink giving you a vibrant taste of downtown Lima, in the heart of Soho.

The Order

Start at the bar and order Pisco Sours to start, this sets the tone – you’re going to be here a while and it’s going to get fun. Venture onto ‘Nazca Heat’ and ‘Titicaca Fizz’ – whilst steering clear of the chat about gap yahs (and definitely don’t mention the handwoven slippers or knitted hat you still own from your trip up a Peruvian mountain). Instead, suggest moving onto your table and glide through the menu ordering several plates to share. Absolute highlights are the ceviches – go for the Mercado Mixto and the Mr Miyagi. The Pachamanca pork ribs are also to die for – but avoid overeating especially if you’re already tipsy on tequila.

The Game

This place is a dream date. You’re in the heart of the action and the vibe lends itself to a night spent drinking and eating, entirely oblivious to the Soho night. Meet downstairs in Kingly Court and enter Señor Ceviche together. You’ll leave together too, guaranteed. Move between the bar and your table to start and finish the evening, lapping up the Lima-esque energy and getting lost in a true Latino experience. Stumble out as they close, and if you want to party until the ‘madrugada’, hit up Cahoots for a spectacular finale.

The Faults

Not for the date who turns up their nose to raw fish.


Sex Factor

5.  (It’s oozing here)


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