London’s Most Eligible Sporty Singles

Want to know where the sporty girls hang out?

We spoke to Social Concierge‘s most active (and alluring) singles about a life lived in lycra.

AND the good news is, you can apply to meet them.

1. Julia.

Age: 27

Profession: Personal Shopping at By Appointment Harrods

Works out: 3-4 times a week.

Where to find her: Equinox, KX, Soul Cycle. Or hiking in LA.

Gym pick ups: They tend to be more funny than sexy. There’s one guy who constantly tries to high five me as he passes.

Best feature (according to exes): My eyes.

 2. Jess

Age: 25

Profession: Dentist, and Health & Fitness Blogger

Works out: 4-5 times a week

Where to find her: Best days, Core Collective, Equinox and Heartcore. Most days, Virgin Active.

Gym pick ups: It’s usually just around Valentine’s Day. Last year I was asked out for dinner 6 times in the space of 45 mins.

Best feature (according to exes): My smile.

3. Sophie.

Age: 27

Profession: Studio Manager.

Works out: 4/5 times per week.

Where to find her: Heartcore.

Gym pick ups: I tend not to get approached in the gym, probably due to my resting bitch face. I’m just concentrating I swear. Come say hi.

Best feature (according to exes): My eyes.

4. Alice

Age: 23

Profession: Visual Merchandiser. (And ballet dancer).

Works out: 4-5 times a week but hoping to increase that to daily workouts.

Where to find her: David Lloyd.

Gym pick ups: I’m always touched at the amount of guys that are around to help with weights when I’m doing lunges.

Best feature (according to exes): My smile, my hair, my bum.


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