Sticks ‘n’ Sushi, Covent Garden

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  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
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Sticks n Sushi Covent Garden
Skewers, Sashimi, Sex (maybe)

The Vibe

Scandinavian hey? Well congratulations Sticks ‘n’ Sushi for branching out from all of your bare-wood, bright-light minimalist compatriots. After topping the Japanese cuisine market back in Denmark, Sticks ‘n’ Sushi turn their sights from the Danes to Denmark Street, with this recent opening in Covent Garden adding to their other London outpost in Wimbledon.

This place is sexy – sleek black lacquered design makes you feel as though you’ve tumbled down the stairs at Hakkasan. The lighting is date-perfect dim, service is slick and the food is perfect for sharing and caring.

The Order

Never have I seen quite so many menus in a restaurant. They come as a sort of overwhelming collection of anthologies for you to sift through. Reading these will break up crucial conversation time so opt for the following (or ask your waiter to choose for you and send out a selection): Beef Tataki and a bowl of grilled edamame to start, Skewers of either black miso cod, salmon or asparagus wrapped in bacon. A half order of the Maki Deluxe sushi platter.

The Game

You’ve got to love a double layered restaurant – for first dates, opt for downstairs where you’ll perch prettily on high stools while watching the kitchen and sushi chefs doing their thing. If icebreakers aren’t needed, go upstairs at the back where it’s more intimate. Start with a “Kiruyi Delight” cocktail each (elderflower and sake, topped with Prosecco), then order a bottle of white. After hours…. you’re in Covent Garden: if things are hotting up and you feel like letting your hair down, head to the London Cocktail Club. Looking to get fun and funky? You’ll find the Earlham Street Clubhouse close by.

The Faults

It’s pricey, like most good sushi in London.

Sex Factor

4. Starting to smooch whilst still at the table wouldn’t be overly surprising.

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