The Love Shake, Shoreditch

the love shake, shoreditch
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

The Vibe

What’s a media café milkshake bar when it’s at home?, says the disgruntled city worker who’s been dragged by his starched lapels to Shoreditch on a colleague’s recommendation. Well well well, Alastair. By day, The Love Shake is an American Diner-esque coffee and grub hub, where planners, buyers, strategists and creatives use free Wifi whilst chowing down on hotdogs and chips. But by night, the lights get low and red, the boozy milkshakes and craft beers come out, and it becomes an intimate, quirky and very romantic hotspot for twentysomething dating. There are booths to snuggle in and red leather diner stools to perch on, interlocking your legs while sucking up spirit mixers. The place isn’t expensive (around £4 for wine), the Spotify playlist is hijackable and it’s open till 2.30am, and very occasionally 4.30am. You’re also not quite in Dalston, rather the commutable and commercial periphery.

The Order

Simple and repetitive. Couple of beers, couple of beakers of wine, hot dog to share, more wine, fries to sober up, alcoholic Oreo and Amaretto milkshake for dessert. Palate cleanse with shots and keep going till there’s no going back.

The Game

Make the most of the fact that Love Shake is open late all week and suggest a rogue Monday date. Meet them by Old Street station at 6.30pm and walk down. Grab a booth, get comfortable and repeat said order, ad infinitum. By 10 you’ll be tipsy and will have moved onto neat whiskey. Get tactile, shimmy onto their side of the booth and make out solidly till midnight. If you miss the last train home you can take this as a sign to step up your ill-advised Mondate and ask them back to yours. Make some mistakes, wake up still drunk and revel in how young and fun you are (until the hangover kicks in at lunch and your world falls apart).

The Faults

Not a gigantic alcohol selection and they could lose the TV screen.

Sex Factor

5. 50s American hangout meets Dalston dive. It’s chilled at first, but things can really escalate- a hub that’s hard to leave.

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