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Social Concierge prides itself on bringing together intelligent professionals.

So it’s only right that we put our brains to use and share some insights on London’s dating and networking scene.

With a background in writing and publishing, our founder Nana Wereko-Brobby shares her White Papers.


London’s 100 Leading Ladies
London Live

Why – and how – we scout for London’s most driven, successful women to join the SC club.

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Women Date, Men Network
Ruby Lifestyle

How men and women in London approach offline dating differently.

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Paying Attention

Square Mile Magazine

How important are salaries when it comes to dating?

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Crazy in Love
Balance Magazine

Does falling in love mean accepting momentary insanity?

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The Love Pivot: Know Me/Don’t Know Me
Balance Magazine

How do you balance the excitement of the new with the inevitability of overfamiliarity?

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An Account of Nylon Dating
A Small World

How do Londoners and New Yorkers date differently? And who has the right idea?

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