Three Six Six, Battersea

  • DATE #422
  • Written by Tom Stevenson (Guest Author)
  • 3 years ago
Warning: not for first dates...

The Vibe

Decadent. The word comes from the latin decadere – to fall down. We always see decadence as a form of debauched bourgeois elegance, but it’s not all glamour. It’s a descent into hedonism and our base desires. It’s Victorian nudes on the walls and low lighting for pleasure seekers to hide in dark places. Decadence is a desire, it’s flesh, it’s gonzo, it’s all the things MGMT did in Time to Pretend. If this bar was a Pulp song, it would be Three Six Six.

The Order

Make your way through the seven negronis on the menu. Then the bathtub gins with premium tonic. Take in the flavour differentials of the menu – bitter, sweet, sour, organic, salt.

But order from the Fantasy and Fetish Menu if you’ve never had a drink garnished with a ball gag or poured from a vyal sealed with a butt plug.

The Game

Please don’t come here on a first date. It’s too dangerous. You might as well take her to an orgy.

Just imagine if you’ve met outside Clapham Junction and walked up to the bar making small talk about your day. You’ve just begun to get to know each other. You’re flashing glances across the table then breaking eye contact. And then a butt plug arrives on your table. That doesn’t break the ice. It smashes through the table.

Gents, I’d bring your new lady friend here a few dates in when the tension is simmering. You’ll be in the corner booth at Three Six Six and she’ll be biting your ear and you’ll be feeling the friction from her nylon tights under her pencil skirt and suddenly you’ll flinch and she’ll gasp and the bill can’t come quickly enough.

The Faults

The Heineken tap and the charcuterie counter at the front kill the vibe a bit, but just sit in the main area and you’ll be alright.

Sex Factor

5 baby


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